Make Me More Like Him


This world is so hard to live in. One day things are going fine and the next troubles arise.That being said I pray that:

You give me the strength of Paul who was beaten and yet continued to proclaim the Gospel. The love of God, who allowed His Son Jesus to be killed because He loved me. The perseverance of Peter who, through many lows, always got back up. Lord, give me the leadership of Nehemiah who dealt with enemies, both external and internal, in order to build a wall. Give me the courage of Esther who served You in a foreign land. Give me the desire of Jeremiah, to preach Your word even when it’s not popular. Give me the encouraging nature of Barnabas, the eager heart of the Bereans, the wisdom of Solomon, the fearless attitude of Daniel and the meekness of Jesus.


May we strive every day to become more like men and women of old who diligently tried to become more like God. May we strive every day to become more like our Savior, Jesus Christ!