God’s Goodness in Ephesians

Happy, and grateful. These are the words I would use to describe my feelings after someone has helped me out in a big way. Last year I drove up to Granby, CO every other weekend to preach. I loved those weekends because I got to see “colorful Colorado” in all of its beauty and then I got to preach!On this particular Sunday though I would not be making the trip.

I had woken up that Sunday with a terrible feeling in my mountainsstomach. I knew that I was too sick to make a two-hour drive. Like any good  social media user I proceeded to post my sickness on Facebook. About 20 minutes later I got a text from my buddy saying “would you like me to go?” If it weren’t for my friend going to preach for me this church would’ve been without a preacher that Sunday. I remember feeling a combination of gratefulness, happiness and nausea as I closed my eyes and fell back asleep.

My friend had done something for me that felt so monumental. We’ve all had someone do us a favor and while it may seem like no big deal to them, it meant the world to us. Ephesians deals a lot with God and his actions for us. Paul writes this letter to those “in Christ” (Eph. 1:1) and spends the first three chapters telling those of us in Christ about the big favor that God did for us. Paul discusses two subjects: what we were, and what we are now.

“you were”:

dead (2:1)

separated (2:12)

alienated (2:12)

strangers (2:12)

hopeless (2:12)

godless (2:12)

far off (2:13)

“but God”:

made us alive (2:5)

raised us (2:6)

seated us (2:6)

shows us grace (2:7)

near (2:13)

made one (2:14-15)

made members of God’s house (2:19-22)

How does that make you feel? Grateful? Blessed? Happy? Excited? Humble? God did us an incredible favor by taking us from our dead state to making us alive with Him. Paul tells us in this letter that by being “in Christ” we are now no longer separate and far off, but we are one and near to God. What a beautiful thought. Whenever someone does you a favor or you do one for someone else, think back to God and the great favor He did for you. Remember God’s goodness towards you.