Who’s In Control?

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant and wondered “who’s in charge here?” Picture this: you arrive at a restaurant and have to wait 10 minutes before you’re seated. You finally get seated and then you have to wait another 20 minutes before your waitress ever comes around to ask you about your order. Some more time goes by and you finally get your food only to discover that they messed up your order. 

This very scenario has happened to me on several occasions. Maybe it’s happened to you as well. When there is this much disorder in a restaurant what do we do? Oftentimes we call over the manager and ask him for an explanation.

Compare this illustration to your everyday life. As you read a family just lost their first child. An “Amber Alert” has been sent out for a little girl that was kidnapped in her elementary school parking lot. A gun has just been used to end the life of another human being. Though terrible, this is the world that we live in today. With all this evil and disorder in the world it’s easy to question whether there is someone in control.

The question of “is anyone in control?” has led many to turn from God and turn to atheism. After all, how could there be a God when there is so much chaos? It’s important for us to note that this question is not something new. In fact we see this question asked in the Bible over 2,000 years ago. In the book of Habakkuk the prophet brings two questions before God. These questions are:

1) Why are the righteous suffering and the wicked prospering (1:2-4)? and

2) Why are You (God) doing nothing to stop the pain on earth (1:12-17)?

To each of these questions God’s responded and these responses are best summed with this verse:

“But the Lord is in his holy temple; let all the earth keep silence before him.” (Habakkuk 2:20 ESV)

In response to Habakkuk’s questions God simply says that He is in His temple and He is in control. In Habakkuk’s mind there was chaos and disorder everywhere and this caused him to question God. The disorder we see in our world today may cause us to do the same and while our questions may differ from Habakkuk’s, the answer will not. If you have any doubts that God is there, know that the answer has never and will never change. The Lord is still in His holy temple, and the Lord is still in control.  – Jack D.

Have any Questions?

This post was not meant to answer the question “Why is there evil, pain, and suffering in the world?” (that will be covered in a later post), but rather to answer the question “Is there anyone in control in this chaotic world?” If you do have any questions concerning evil, pain, and suffering or “where is God” I encourage you to please contact me at jdaviddodgen@gmail.com with your question.