Running From Responsibility

Have you ever been told to do something that you didn’t want to?

I remember being told countless times to clean my room as a kid. I also remember rarely ever actually cleaning my room and I remember the punishment that almost always followed.

I’m sure that most all of us, at one time or another, have tried to skip out on a responsibility we’ve been given.

Even the Bible records for us a man who tried to skip on his responsibilities. This man was Jonah.

In chapter 1 of the book of Jonah we see the phrase “the presence of the Lord” (1:3, 1:10 ESV). Along with each of these phrases we see the word “flee” or “away from.”

Jonah was given the responsibility of preaching to the city of Nineveh (1:2). Instead of going to preach he tried to avoid his responsibility and flee from the Lords presence (1:3).

We know how the account ends. Jonah is swallowed by a big fish (1:17) and ultimately preaches to the city of Nineveh who repents and turns to God (3:1-10).

Jonah eventually carried out his responsibility (after being motivated) and a city was saved from disaster (3:10).

How often do we run away from our responsibilities only to find out later that things would have been a lot better if we had just done it in the first place?

Those of us who are Christians have been given a great responsibility. We can try and run all we want but ultimately we will have to answer to God and tell Him why we ran. Let’s learn from Jonah and not run from our responsibilities but run to them and get them done.

-Jack D.