Internet Evangelists

The other day I posted a tiny little thought about going into all the world…again. When the apostles went into all the world they rode on donkeys, sailed in boats and walked countless miles to tell other people about The InternetJesus. They took advantage of the tools they had and used them to evangelize everyone that they possibly could. We ought to have the same attitude.Sailing on a boat, riding on donkeys and walking countless miles are all still options we can choose in spreading the gospel, but these are no longer the best options we have.

As I stated in that post the other day the internet remains our greatest means of going into all the world. You can reach more people with one click of a button than the apostles could reach walking in a full day. The impact of your Christian example is now no longer limited to the local area you live in. You are daily a Christian example through your blogs, websites, and your social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, etc…)!

I want to leave you today with:

A challenge – tap into some internet source (website, blogs, YouTube, Facebook) and use that source to spread the Gospel and be a Christian example. If you don’t think you’ll be able to keep up a blog…then SUPPORT those who do!

An encouragement – You may work and work for days on this internet source, only to reap a pitiful harvest of a view viewers. It may seem like what you are doing isn’t worth the effort. Remember that Jesus thought that taking time to reach one person was time well spent (John 4:1-26). Remember also that to God one soul is incredibly important (Luke 15:7, 10).

A link (or five): Here are some websites that are striving to “go into all the world” through the internet by means of blogs and/or videos:

Strong Church

Alive with Christ

In Search of the Lords Way

Focus Press

World Video Bible School

If you know of any more websites/blogs working to spread the Gospel feel free to post a comment down below!

The list above is NOT LONG ENOUGH! Please, take the challenge today and become an internet evangelist.