About Me

My name is Jack Dodgen. I graduated from the Bear Valley Bible Institute of Denver (BVBID) in 2012. I grew up in the Edmond, OK area and currently live in Tyler, TX where I work as an Associate Minister for the Whitehouse church of Christ. On April 26th I married my best friend Anna Mae Wilkie (now Anna Dodgen). I believe the Bible is God’s inspired word (2 Jack - suitTimothy 3:16) and filled with information that is invaluable in our lives.

The goal of this blog is to take the invaluable information we find in the Bible and, in a concise way, apply it to our lives so that we can be as God wants. I hope this blog inspires, edifies, and pushes you to be a better Christian man or woman.

My main blog posts go up on Tuesday and a shorter post goes up on Sunday. There are a range of topics that have been written about on this blog and I encourage you to browse each topic. I encourage you to visit  Alive with Christ (see Alive with Christ tab above) and Strong Church (see Strong Church tab above) a couple of incredible Christian websites that I write for.

If you wish to use my blogs for church bulletins or your own website please feel free to do so. I only ask that you give credit where credit is due. If you wish to contact me you can reach me at the following email address: jdaviddodgen@gmail.com

My posts:

Main post: I write my main (longer) blog posts on Tuesdays as my schedule allows.

Sunday Shorts: each Sunday, as time allows, I take a passage of Scripture and make some observations about it. I also ask a few questions at the end to get you thinking. Further study of that passage is greatly encouraged.

Random Thoughts: every now and again I publish short posts concerning ideas, or thoughts that are on my mind.

Thank you for reading! God bless. – Jack Dodgen


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