Encourage Godliness

This quote sparked a thought today:

“I would like to take a moment to address men. It is REALLY difficult to find modest clothing these days, so if you see a girl or woman dressed like a lady,PLEASE go out of your way to THANK them…because (if they are a Christian) they did that thinking of YOUR soul.” ~L.H.

She makes a good point, not just about modesty, but about Christianity in general. We have a tendency to want to focus on the bad in life. We rush to argue and fight with people who have differing beliefs than us. We are quick to quarrel and nitpick about every little thing. How often do we stop people and thank them?

When you spoke to your preacher last did you tell him that you appreciated something he said in the sermon, or did you get on to him for a poor grammatical statement? When you last spoke to your elders was it to thank them for their hard work in shepherding the flock, or to get on to them for, what you thought, was a terrible decision? When you last spoke to a Christian brother or sister did you try to encourage them, or try to “take them down a peg” and remind them that they’re spiritually “inferior” to you?

Life has enough negativity already. There is a time for correcting people’s conduct with God’s word (2 Tim. 3:16), but let us not forget that those who are trying to do good need encouragement.

So, when you see a woman dressing modestly, go out of your way to thank her. When you see a new Christian struggling to understand doctrine, be patient with them and help them to understand. Next time you are at the building to worship, make sure to thank the elders for the hard work they’re doing. Those that are trying to do the right things often times need to be encouraged in order to keep doing them. Don’t just harp on sin, be an encourager of godliness.


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