Social Media Soapbox

“Recently, when young atheists were “asked to cite key influences in their conversion to atheism,” they didn’t talk about conferences they attended or books they had read; instead, they made “vague references to videos they had watched on YouTube or website forums.” – Wes McAdams

This statement was in an article I posted yesterday (you can find it here). I felt the need, as he did, to discuss for a second just how incredible this is. No it’s not incredible that people are converting to atheism. What’s incredible is the “how.” The fact is, for many people the internet is where they will go to find “truth.” When we desire to know more about something we “Google” it. The internet has become less of a luxury and more of a way of life. computer keyboardMillions of people every day go to the internet and look for answers. What do they find? Not the Gospel. Why is that? Because New Testament Christians have not done a good job of tapping into this resource. Even many of us who do tap in to that resource treat it as a second rate for of evangelism. For example, we’ll build websites and then never update them (dead website = dead church in the minds of many). Or we’ll post videos, but they’re poor quality videos (people who actively watch YouTube or other video sites want high quality short videos, not 45 minute sermons).

My posting up to this point sounds awfully negative. Allow me to switch to a more positive gear. Knowing that internet users want short, high quality videos/audio what can we do? I would encourage more preachers to buy a video camera (no they’re not complicated to use, you can learn) and begin uploading short, high quality videos. I’m not for changing the Gospel. God’s Word doesn’t need changing, but our presentation of it needs to. We can’t get stuck in the “back in my day” mentality. We aren’t departing from the faith because we’re making videos (I guarantee you that flannel graphs were progressive at one time too). We have such an incredible tool at our disposal. We can reach more people than ever before…and we’re not even using it.
Let me encourage you to really think about internet evangelism. Start making high quality content such as videos or podcasts. If you don’t know what that means then learn. If you don’t feel comfortable in doing your own thing then support someone who is! When it all comes down to it there are souls on the other side of those screens. Souls that will spend eternity in either Heaven or Hell. When my actions on earth are judged by the Almighty God I would hate to hear Him say to me: “I gave you such a great tool to tell people the truth about me. Why didn’t you use it?”

We’ve got a responsibility to get the Gospel out to others. We have the opportunity to reach millions of souls, so why don’t we?


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