The Christian’s Worst Enemy

Why is it that some of the greatest opposition Christians face are other Christians? We’ll spread gossip, start rumors or go out of our way to slander a fellow Christian. Why? Have we forgotten that we’re on the same team? Have we forgotten that earthly recognition and fortune are worthless (cf. Matthew 6:19-20; Philippians 3:8)? Have we forgotten that we are supposed to be about building up, encouraging, and strengthening the body (Ephesians 4:11-16, 29, 31-32)? We are not supposed to be fighting our Christian brethren, but fighting WITH them! We should not be slandering each other but supporting each other as we work to spread the Gospel to every soul we come into contact with! We were not put here to elevate ourselves, but to elevate Christ. The Lord’s church has enough enemies…let’s not add more by pitting members of his church against one another. No more church politics. No more slanderous rumors. No more listening to hear-say. Let’s remember that we are working for God, not self. Let’s be ONE like we’re supposed to be.


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