Finding Fulfillment

Where are you going for fulfillment? Answers to this question vary depending on who you ask. Some people fill their life with the newest toys (cars, tv’s, computers, phones, etc…). Others try to find fulfillment in people (especially in the area of boyfriends or girlfriends…I’m looking at you teens). We have a tendency to believe that once we finally get a hold of these items, we will have that wonderful feeling of fulfillment. That feeling never comes however. Instead, we are left with a feeling of emptiness, and our reaction then is to move to the next “thing” only to repeat the cycle all over again. Friends, we will never find fulfillment in stuff. We won’t find it in music, or cars or even other people. We will only find fulfillment in Christ. Don’t strive after different material goods, they don’t last. People will disappoint you, but Christ never will! Only Christ can bring the “assurance” and wholeness that you are looking for in your life (Col. 2:2; 3:1-4)!


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