A Reason to Smile

What happened to our joy as Christians? All too often we walk around with sad, disappointed looks on our faces. I understand the occasional bad day may get us down, but overall we Christians should be constantly joyful! Maybe we’re not as joyful because we’ve got our perspective all wrong (I’m very guilty of this). It’s easy for our emotions to be swayed when our focus is on the here and now. We shouldn’t be living for the “now” though, we should be looking forward to the future. Paul served as a great example of this (Phil. 1:23; 2 Cor. 5:1-3).

Christians, let’s stop looking so sad. Focus on your future home and put a smile on! By the way everyone, we’re another day closer to heading to that home! If that doesn’t make you happy I don’t know what will.-Jack D.


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