Do I Have To?

It was inevitable. I can still hear his voice saying these words that, to this day, remain locked up in the deep recesses of my mind. “Son, your room is a mess and you need to go clean it up” he would say with harsh tone. This phrase was one that was uttered to me on, what felt like, a daily basis.

I was (some would suggest I still am) a particularly messy kid when I was younger. I would leave blocks of Legos, various action figures and scraps of what was, at one time, delicious food splattered on the floor of my room. The messes I left always prompted my dad to say “son, your room is a mess and you need to go clean it up” to which I would always reply “do I have to?”

Whether I liked it or not I had a responsibility. Looking back I realize that my dad was not trying to punish me, but trying to teach me. The room I had to play in and the toys I had to play with were a blessing. My dad was trying to teach me that since I had been blessed with those things that I had a responsibility to take care of them.

We see a similar account of this in 1 Kings 6-7. Chapter 6 opens with a city under siege (1 Kings 6:24). This was a time of great distress. The city was suffering and starving. Because of starvation, we see people eating dove’s dung and even people’s children (6:25, 28-29)! The people had no hope and there seemed to be no end but death in sight.

While all this is happening, we read about four lepers who were living outside the city. They were experiencing troubles of their own, but figured it would be worth a shot to go to the enemy and hope that they would not be destroyed as a result (7:3-4). Imagine their surprise when they found the camp filled with food and riches, but empty of the enemy (7:5, 7).

As the lepers ate and drank they conversed amongst each other and said:

“We are not doing right. This day is a day of good news. If we are silent and wait until the morning light, punishment will overtake us. Now therefore come; let us go and tell the king’s household.” (7:9 ESV)

The lepers realized that they had received a blessing. Initially they enjoyed it to their hearts content only to realize later that with this blessing came responsibility.

As Christians we have been given a great blessing. This blessing is the word of God that we hold in our hands. As Christians, we must remember that we have a great responsibility connected with this blessing. The responsibility we have is that we need to share this blessing with others.

The lepers realized that they had the responsibility to “go and tell” the “good news” they had received. Do we? We have been blessed with wonderful news and we have the responsibility to tell others. Let’s start telling others the good news we’ve received (and yes, we have to)!   -Jack D.


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