The Other Side of Modesty

This will be one of my last posts for about a month since I will be in Ghana for a month on a mission trip.

Summer is a time for fun, sun and of course swimming. It is also a time when we see blog after blog after blog on modesty. I don’t have many problems with blogs on modesty aside from the fact that they all seem to talk to only one audience.

The basis of just about every blog post on modesty I’ve read this summer has dealt with women and how they ought to dress modestly. While I think those posts are good, today I’d like to look briefly at the other side of modesty.

We constantly see posts about how women should dress or how they should think about their dress but what about the men? Now I’m not suggesting that men need to change up what they wear (I haven’t seen a big problem in that area for the most part) but I am suggesting that men have a big part in the modesty battle as well.

It’s been a long while since I’ve read a post on how men need to watch what they well…watch. While I was considering how to write this post I thought of Job.

We are told that Job was an upright man (Job 1:1 NIV). Later we read that Job “made a covenant with his eyes not to look lustfully at a young woman” (Job 31:1). I think it’s important that we, as Christian men, do the same.

I think a lot of times we look at the women who dress immodest as the enemy. The real enemy we’re fighting is the devil. I think he’s done a good job in deceiving us and making us think that we, as men, don’t have anything to do with the whole modesty issue. Job certainly didn’t think that way.

Job worked to keep himself pure. Even if those around him were dressed inappropriately, Job was going to do his best to keep himself pure. It is important for us today to do the same.

While it’s important that we talk to women about how to dress modestly, I think that it’s equally important that we stress to the men the importance of trying to keep themselves pure. Modesty is a battle that we fight every day. It’s not just a battle for the women to fight, but a battle for us men to fight in as well. For us to win the battle against immodesty, we need to see the women’s side, but the other side as well.

-Jack D.


3 Responses to The Other Side of Modesty

  1. jbroberts says:

    Great post, Jack. This is something guys need to hear.

  2. Well said Jack! Having two young boys it has always been a priority for us to guard their eyes but once they reach a certain age (TEENAGE) it is hard to make sure THEY are guarding their eyes. I wonder how old Job was when he made that covent? When he was older and wizened with age or when he was young??? How do young men get to the point of watching what they watch? Thanks for your thoughts! We sure miss you! Be safe in Africa! Praying for you!!!

  3. The New Self says:

    Reblogged this on The New Self and commented:
    This week we are showcasing a special guest article written by my brother Jack. In keeping with the theme “putting on the new self,” this topic is as timely as ever. Be sure to check out more of his blog posts at

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