All around us we see things breaking down. We can observe cars, technology and even the universe and see that things on earth are subject to corruption and decay.

In the book of 1 Peter, Peter is writing to a group of Christians who are going to suffer (the word “suffer” is mentioned 17 times in the book). The things they own and even their lives could be at stake during this suffering.

Peter gives these people a bright, beaming ray of hope however. In a time when they will face severe persecution, Peter talks to them about 3 “imperishable” items that they have:

Imperishable Inheritance…The lives of these Christians is going to be at stake. They are going to face many trials and could end up losing their lives. They should not find this discouraging though. They are told that those “born again” have an inheritance that is “imperishable, undefiled and unfading” (1 Peter 1:3, 4 ESV). This imperishable gift is that of eternal life and it cannot be taken away from them by any man, because it is protected “in heaven” and is guarded by God (1:4, 5).

Imperishable Word…Again Peter mentions the idea of being “born again” (1:22). They are told that they are born again, “not of imperishable seed but of imperishable” (1:23). This seed is the word of God (1:23). While the things they have may be destroyed they can take solace in the fact that they are born of something that cannot be destroyed, no matter how hard men may try.

Imperishable Beauty…Peter begins talking to different groups of people within his letter and when he gets to wives he mentions that their adorning should not be external but rather internal (3:3-4). While this was directed at women it can be applied to all. Peter stresses that it’s more important to BE good than it is to look good. The inner beauty is more important because it lasts and is precious in God’s sight.

These people were going to need encouragement for the suffering that would take place. They needed to be reminded of the imperishable items that they had. We, in the same way, need to remember these imperishable items.

As Christians we must remember that we have an inheritance protected by God, that we have been born again by God’s word and that must have an inner beauty about ourselves. Above all else remember that these three things are “imperishable” and cannot be taken away by any on this earth.

In a world where we can observe the corruption and decay of different objects remember that we as Christians have things that are imperishable and there is nothing more encouraging than that.

-Jack D.


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