Who Gets to Make the Rules?

Who gets to make the rules? Unfortunately today many people would answer this question with the response: “I do.” This is not the case however. In fact: When we live life based on our own ideas and not God’s standard (His word) we are destined to fail. Josiah understood this very thing.

Josiah became king in Judah after Amon, the son of Manasseh, died. Manasseh left behind a legacy of evil (2 Chronicles 33:3-6). Manasseh’s son Amon was no different in his ruling style (33:22). After this long legacy of evil you would think that this trend of godlessness would continue with every king to follow…but it didn’t.

Josiah was only eight when he began his reign (34:1). Even though he was young he did what was “right in the eyes of the LORD” (34:2). Instead of using his influence to promote his own ideas, as the kings before him did, Josiah used his influence to return the nation back to God because he understood that God is the one who makes the rules (34:3-7).

While we may never be in a position to lead the nation, we still have influence on others. We must always seek to live our lives according to God’s holy word. If we do this, we will eventually, even if it’s only one person at a time, change the nation back to one that is following God’s standard and not our own ideas.

Seek to set an example to those you come in contact with. Day after day, many people are deciding to live by their own rules. This will eventually bring our nation to ruin. We must show others that life according God’s rules is the only life worth living.


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