The Way of God More Accurately

This week’s post is by my friend Jon Warnes. It’s a wonderful article and I hope that you will share this around with others!

So much drama has filled our sport’s lives by media outlets regarding Timothy Richard Tebow the last several months I thought I’d throw my hat in the ring as a “Voice of Reason” (much snickering follows). I, for one, am a fan of his; his athleticism, his mental toughness and his ability to remain balanced throughout this hoopla of mass media chaos ever since he stepped onto the turf of The University of Florida in Gainesville. His composure is second to none as journalists mob him after every game at break-neck speed, even if he never played in that game. His attitude and his response are always upbeat and never deviated from the customary faith and team rhetoric (meant with respect). I appreciate his courage to step out where most professing “Christians” do not take the time to make a strong stance on biblical issues as he did with the pro-life commercial for Focus On The Family, a couple of years ago. Polarizing is just the beginning of words describing his presence in the NFL. Most of this division is driven by those in the field of journalism, trying to make a buck and knowing this ‘stuff’ sells.

What concerns me, though, is seeing members of the Lord’s church putting such emphasis on Tim Tebow and his character and not considering he has a message that is good, but needs to be taught the way of God more accurately. Looking at the book of Acts in chapters 18 & 19, we see where Apollos, an educated man from Alexandria and strong in the knowledge of Scriptures, is on fire for the Lord and wanting to teach those in Ephesus the Way of the Lord, as he knew it. Thankfully, Aquila and Priscilla take him aside in love for him and the church and find out he knows about the Lord but only acquainted with the baptism of John (not accurate). What follows is Apollos’ understanding that now those who believe in Jesus as the Son of God and their Savior must be baptized into Christ for the remission of their sins (Acts 2:38; Acts 8:35-38; Galatians 3:26-27; Romans 6:1-4). Immediately, as we turn to Acts 19, we see another example of inaccurate understanding of Scripture. Paul, also in Ephesus, meets up with twelve disciples of John the Baptizer and, again, takes the opportunity to teach these men a more accurate Way of the Lord’s and thus they are baptized correctly. It is my understanding that Tim Tebow follows a faith that is based in the New Testament and in Jesus Christ, but where Christ can come into your life by a single prayer (not accurate). This is quite similar to Apollos and the disciples of John before learning a more accurate way of God. I hope for Tim Tebow someone will have the opportunity to teach him a way more accurate so that he can take his fervor and teach others more accurately.
-Jon Warnes


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