Joy in the Morning

Yesterday morning at seven, my friend and I loaded up his car and proceeded to start our ten hour drive to Colorado. This drive is one that I have done many times before, so many in fact that it has become routine for me. I know the trip itself only takes about ten hours. I know that it takes about five hours to get to the midpoint in Hays, Kansas and I also know that my scenery for the majority of the trip is going to be boring, colorless farmland (no offense to my friends in Kansas or Eastern Colorado). Yesterday, however, I was caught off guard.

My friend and I had been driving for about three hours when all of a sudden the sky around us turned from a beautiful blue to a dark and cloudy gray.  This darkness lasted for only about 30 minutes and then the sky changed back to the beautiful blue that it once was. My friend and I wondered about why the sky had changed colors and the more I thought about it, the more I realized that life is often like this.

Many days we go through life and like what it is that we are experiencing. These days would be ones that we would call good days, or for the sake of this analogy beautiful-blue-sky days. Every now and then though we get a day that is “dark and cloudy”, that seemingly has no end.

A “dark day” can come from any number of places. It can come from you losing a friend or family member. It can come from you failing to meet the expectations of your parents, boss, or teachers. Whatever it is that turns your beautiful-blue-sky day into a dark-and-cloudy day, remember this thought from the book of Psalms:

“Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning” (30:5b).

Although we don’t like it, there will be days that we will be crushed, saddened and even depressed. We must remember during those days though that the good days are not far off. Don’t let your dark days keep you from serving God. Instead go to Him and ask Him to comfort you in those days and remember that the skies above you will not remain gray forever. Just give it some time and they will return to the beautiful blue that they once were.

-Jack D.


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