Who Did the Watering?

This morning I was able to witness someone being baptized into the Lord for forgiveness of her sins. This baptism though was one that I thought I would never be able to see. Every school year here at Bear Valley we go on a week long campaign to various places. We go in order to help different congregations evangelize (spread the gospel) to the surrounding neighborhoods. We do things such as knocking doors, passing out fliers and sometimes we even get to do a little preaching. While we may not always enjoy going and knocking on doors we know that our efforts in doing this could bring someone to church and that makes it worth all the effort. There is a problem with all of this though.

You see, we typically don’t get to see the results of our hard work. Since we are only there for a week, we can’t follow up with the people we come into contact with and if anything good comes from the work we almost never get to see it (today was the exception).

As I thought about this fact I remembered what Paul said in 1 Corinthians 3:6: “I planted, Apollos watered, but God gave the growth.” Paul states here that he was there to plant, but someone else did the watering. Paul was not there to see these young Christians mature. In this same way, we oftentimes are not able to watch those that we talk to about Jesus grow. Paul, in these verses give us a great principle about evangelism. We may not always see the people we talk to grow in their knowledge of God but we can certainly plant the seed. If Paul had never planted the seed who knows if Apollos would have ever have had the opportunity to water them?

As we go throughout our day to day life let us keep this thought in mind. Each of us comes into contact with different people each day. You will be able to touch lives that I may never have the chance to meet. Take every opportunity that comes across to plant the word of God into someone’s heart. You may never have the opportunity to see them again in this life, but because of your efforts in planting that seed someone may come along to water them and we will be assured to see them in the next life.

-Jack D.


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