Would You Please Listen!

Have you ever felt like you would talk and talk only to have no one listen to you? I would venture to guess that if you are a parent that you’re nodding your head in agreement right about now. Some people in our lives are like that. We can talk to them and even if it is something incredibly urgent, they just will not pay attention to us! This often occurs to us when we’re trying to talk to someone about Christianity or the church. We have the desire to tell them what they need to hear and yet they won’t listen! This can be very discouraging and may even cause us to give up speaking about God all together. The prophet Ezekiel faced this same problem.

In the book of Ezekiel we read that Ezekiel was charged with the task of talking to his fellow Jews who were now in captivity by the Babylonians (3:4). Ezekiel was warned ahead of time that his words would not be heard because his fellow nation was a “rebellious house” (2:5-8). Interestingly enough, the term “rebellious house” is mentioned five times in these four verses and we even see it stated several more times in chapters three and twelve!

The audience that Ezekiel was going to preach to was described as being a hard-headed and stubborn people (3:7). The likelihood of them listening was very low and yet, Ezekiel was told to speak the words of God to them anyway (3:17, 27).

We can learn a lot from Ezekiel’s example. Ezekiel was given the task of communicating to a people who were not going to listen to him. Many times it may feel like we are communicating to people who just don’t want to listen. They may be people who are stubborn or who have no intent to change their actions. We cannot let that be a discouragement to us however. We must follow the example of Ezekiel and always seek to preach the word, even when it seems that no one is going to listen. If we stick at it eventually someone will listen to the message and that will make all our efforts worth it.

-Jack D.


One Response to Would You Please Listen!

  1. The New Self says:

    Good points Jack. And if we think about it, we have a much better message to preach. Ezekiel’s message was certainly depressing for the most part, and there was no immediate deliverance available for his listeners. Our news is “Good News”! While there is doom and peril in the Gospel message, we get to tell people about the immediate remedy!

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