The Power of Encouragement

The book of Hebrews talks about the idea of encouragement often (3:13; 10:25; 13:22). This letter was written to Jewish-Christians who were falling away from Christ and going back to their old ways of Judaism. The Hebrews letter was written so that those Christians would not fall away but instead stick with Christianity. You see, the Christians here were in desperate need of encouragement and I think it’s safe to say that we, as Christians, are in need of encouragement from time to time as well. I believe that there are two easy ways for us to accomplish the goal of encouraging one another.

The first way we can encourage is by attacking negativity. When I say “attack negativity” I mean that we should do something positive to counteract the negative when we see it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen someone post something negative on their Facebook or twitter page. Instead of blasting them for being negative, I send them a message saying that “I will be praying for them” or that “I hope things get better.” I have found that taking just a short amount of time to say something encouraging like this can really help turn someone’s bad day into a good day.

The second way we can encourage is by being positive ourselves. It is all too often that I see my friends say something negative on their Facebook statuses or tweets. Putting something negative like that doesn’t make us feel any better and it certainly doesn’t make those who read it feel good. Instead of writing something negative, write something positive! If you try your best to be positive you’ll find that your day will begin to go much better and you’ll find that your friends who read those posts will have better days as well because of your encouragement.

All too often we take the power of an encouraging word for granted. We don’t know how many of our Christian brothers in Hebrews came back to Christianity but I can assure you that that number would have been a lot less had they never received encouragement. Find ways to be an encourager. Post positive things to Facebook or twitter, sends texts of encouragement to those who are down and whatever you do keep the negativity to yourself. I encourage you to start today to look for ways to encourage those around you. Never underestimate the power of an encouraging word!

-Jack D.


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