Peter’s Roller Coaster

Throughout the New Testament there is probably not any character that faces more of a “roller coaster of emotions” than Peter. There is perhaps no one who was more “knocked down” than the apostle Peter. Peter was a man whose zeal for the Lord could not be rivaled…at times. There were times when is zeal was sky-high and there were other days when he was saddened and depressed in his heart. Through all his downs it’s important to note that he always got up! Peter was never satisfied with staying down and although there were many times he was knocked down, he always got back up on his feet. Let’s see just how knocked down Peter was and what he did to get up from those bad experiences.

Peter was a man who was knocked down. We read about Peter in the garden as Jesus is being arrested. He is so full of zeal that he cuts Malchus’ right ear off (John 18:10)! Not much later after this event we have Peter denying that he knew Jesus (Luke 22:54-61). Peter went from a man prepared to defend Jesus to a man denying he ever had any part of Jesus. We read that after that roster crowed that Peter went and wept bitterly (Luke 22:62). Peter certainly experience “knock-downs” in his life, but the life of Peter does not end there.

In John 21:7-8 we read that Jesus was standing on the shore and Peter, not wanting to wait for the ship to reach the shore, jumped into the water and swam towards the Lord! This is a much different Peter than the one who was “weeping bitterly” just a few days ago! This is still not the end however. In Acts 2 we read that Peter preached the sermon at Pentecost. You see Peter not only “got up” but he “jumped up!” Peter went from denying Christ to preaching about Him to a multitude at Pentecost!

There will be times when we are knocked down spiritually. We must learn from Peter and stand up after we’ve been knocked down. We must stand, because just as Peter could not accomplish anything while on the ground, neither will we. We must be diligent to stand up even when things get difficult because if great things are going to be accomplished for God, they must be accomplished while we’re up, not down.

-Jack D.


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