“To Whom Much is Given…”

 “What if God were to give the church a global communications tool capable of reaching the entire world?”

This quarter I’m taking a ministry technology class and the above phrase is the first question we were ever asked in his class. My teacher then proceeded to tell us that God has provided a tool like that: the internet. The internet currently has 2.1 billion users worldwide (about 33% of the world’s population). About one-third of the world is on the internet! These internet users take in all kinds of information hour after hour, day after day, but what kind of information are they taking in?

The inspired writer Luke penned the following: “to whom much was given, of him much will be required” (Luke 12:48 ESV). You may be wondering what this has to do with the internet. Think about it. If God has given us a tool capable of reaching the world, do you think He would expect us to use it for Him? The answer to that question is “absolutely, yes!”

This week, I want you to join me in posting a Bible verse every day to your Facebook, Twitter, blog or any other network you’re on. It doesn’t take that long (you’re going to be on anyway) and it can have a huge impact. You’ll be surprised how much more God-focused you feel throughout the week and who knows, maybe those non-Christians friends you have may even start to ask you questions about God or the Bible and why you are always posting those things (we want to talk to others about God don’t we?).

I hope that you’ll make this daily verse post a habit not only for this week but for weeks and weeks to come. We may not be able to reach all 2.1 billion people on the internet across the world, but we can certainly reach those friends we have on Facebook. God has given us a great responsibility and we need to use it for Him. He is expecting that from us. “To whom much is given…much is required.”

-Jack D.


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