Our Refuge in Times of Trouble

At the beginning of every new year I think of all the new things that come with it: new experiences and new friendships, new goals and new information. Every year I am excited about what that year holds in store for me. No matter how positive I am in my thinking though, I know that there will also be new difficulties, hurdles and problems that I will eventually have to overcome. I also know that if these challenges are anything like what I encountered last year, then I will need help.

Anytime I felt overwhelmed or overburdened last year I decided that I needed to take those problems and troubles of mine to God. A passage that constantly helped me through my troubles was Psalm 61:1-4. In these four verses we see David asking God to “listen to (his) prayer.” This is a very common theme throughout the Psalms. The psalmists never hesitated to go to God in prayer because they knew that He would be there to lift them up.

Whenever I find myself overwhelmed I would always read these verses, and then give my problems to God by praying to Him. I encourage you to do the same! This year when you encounter challenges of any kind (and you will) take them to God. I encourage you this week to find a section of verses from the book of Psalms that comforts you. That way when those problems come up you can 1) be comforted by God’s word and then 2) go and talk to the Lord in prayer. You’ll find that when you take your difficulties to God that He is as David said, a “strong tower” and a “refuge” in our times of trouble (Psalm 61:3-4).

-Jack Dodgen


One Response to Our Refuge in Times of Trouble

  1. Thanks for this Jack! It couldn’t have come at a better time!

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