The Power of Words

These lyrics made me think tonight:

“take this weapon forged in darkness, some see a pen I see a harpoon.” – Twenty One Pilots “Ode To Sleep”

There is a great power in words. Sometimes words, as the lyricist suggests, are used for evil. They are used to tear down, hurt, harm, and slander. Words can also be used to do the opposite. Words have the ability to tear down, but they can be used to build up. They can destroy and deceive, but they can also be used to repair and spread truth.

As the evening continues on I encourage you to consider your words. Knowing that we have at our disposal a weapon that can be used for both good and evil (James 3:1-12), let us strive to make our words ones that are clear (Col. 4:4, 6), that build others up (Eph. 4:29), and most importantly spread the good news of Jesus Christ to all we come into contact with (Romans 10:14-15).